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The course aims to provide the following skills and competencies:

1. autonomy of research, meant as the ability to deal with conceptual challenges: ability to identify issues and hypotheses on the existence of links and structures hidden behind the information available, and to develop plans and strategies to address the problem;
2. ability to analyze the main questions in a lucid and precise way from several points of view: a salient feature of mathematics is the synergy between depth of analysis, methodological rigor, logic precision and side thinking; this makes the mathematicians to be appreciated in all workplaces where clearness and mental flexibility are required;
3. ability to discuss and to explain the results, the assumptions made, the observations on the work of others, in an atmosphere of scientific and intellectual interaction;
4. technical and scientific expertise, to the frontier of mathematical research;
5. extra-mathematical skills, in particular information technology and language skills, that are functional to the research activity and integration in work environments which are not necessarily scientific-academic.
6. openness to international experiences through internship period

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